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on 22 Mar 2021

ShinoiS. Excellent, again. A standing reservation. This time we did the tea pairing, which was exceptional.

on 21 Oct 2020

Just some highlights from another ridiculously good meal at @shinois_restaurant a few weeks ago. They’re on my short list of “standing reservations” for a reason.

on 19 Jul 2020

Another absurdly good meal at ShinoiS. Not sure what is left to say, but if this isn’t on your list, put it there. It’s going to be impossible to book very soon. Also of note, I dipped into the tea pairing alongside the alcohol. Outstanding.

on 16 May 2020

A few shots from my second meal at ShinoiS. Just as good as the first, and better in a few places. Absolutely essential Tokyo eating, and only 7 months old. Get the pairings, ask for teas, and try their custom made beer with the rice/noodle courses at the end. Thank me later.

on 12 Mar 2020

ShinoiS, part two. A meal this incredible deserves two posts.

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Japan, 〒108-0071 Tōkyō-to, Minato City, Shirokanedai, 4-chōme−2−7 bld桜なみき2階


+81 3-6277-0583