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Ramen Ishikawa Tokyo


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on 02 Oct 2021

Ishikawa out on Tokyo’s west side. They use konbu from @bunpeiyama . Thanks for the オススメ.

#rishirikonbu #利尻昆布 #昆布 #umami

on 20 Aug 2021

特製醤油 / Tokusei Shoyu / Mendokoro Ishikawa - Akiruno, Tokyo

Chicken, pork and gyokai based soup, Hokkaido kombu, local shoyu in the tare. No MSG. Noodles by Gonokami Seimen, although until 2018 they were ordered via Kanezin. Master Ishikawa-san trained at Aoki in Tachikawa. He has a small field next to the shop where he grows green onions and some other vegetables for use in the ramen. Only open for lunch, 11am-2pm (five days a week). Since 2013.

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337-1 Ninomiya, Akiruno, Tokyo 197-0814, Japan


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