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on 08 Apr 2024

Torishiki finale! Freaking delicious Oyakodon, hearty chicken soup, Tamago kake gohan, and for the next day... a take-home bento box as delicious as the entire dinner! What an awesome experience and hope to be back sooner than the last time. @torishiki_ichimon @carmelafortuna @gee.asakawa thank you so much!

on 06 Apr 2024

Went back to my absolute favorite yakitori with @carmelafortuna and @gee.asakawa…YAKITORI TORISHIKI! Always special seeing someone so dedicated and at the top of his craft! @torishiki_ichimon

- [ ] As good as it gets chicken thigh
- [ ] Only yakitori place ive enjoyed Gizzard
- [ ] Personal Favorites Chicken Neck and Chicken Skin
- [ ] Ugly delicious Esophagus and Heart
- [ ] Epic Chicken Wing
- [ ] Juicy AF Tsukene Meatball

on 15 May 2023

Torishiki new branch. All skews were nicely grilled but not many rare cuts. Favorite was the seseri, juicy and tasty. Finishing with bibimbap was quite creative for a yakitori place. •

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on 25 Dec 2021

Torishiki. Perhaps the world’s most famous Yakitori restaurant. Amazing quality, of course, but also fascinating to watch chef work and see his technique. Pieces are quite large, and tend towards crispy, which I enjoyed. I didn’t see many of the trends currently happening around Tokyo, rather it seems like a distillation of a casual food into a perfect form, instead trying to make it “fancy”. Highly recommended.

on 15 Jun 2020

Yakitori Course: neck, gizzard, cartilage, tsukune, heart, tofu, thigh, ginkgo, quail egg, okra, mushroom, wing, oyakodon, minced chicken and egg 🥚🐣🐔
Torishiki (鳥しき), Tokyo (May 2019)
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on 08 May 2020

The first pic is the bento currently available at flagship Torishiki in Tokyo during COVID 19 (📸: @pateknautilus40 ). Compare to their usual bento from restaurant that is offered to customers who dine in as takeaway (pic 2-3), they changed the content quite a bit. The major chicken pieces became 「油淋鶏」which is a Chinese cuisine inspired preparation and in Japan it is usually fried chicken covered with a sweet and slightly sour sauce. Also eggs were added.
The original takeaway... More

9 / 10
on 23 Jan 2018

What would you say, if I tell you we should go to a tiny place in Tokyo and then we are going to eat for hours small skewers of various parts of chicken? Some parts of a chicken you will have never heard of and maybe never want to hear about. They will be served barbequed over a tiny coal grill but sometimes almost raw inside. I am pretty sure you would not be very enthusiastic about this proposal.
But let me tell, once you get going at Tori-Shiki, Maestro Chef Yoshiteru Ikegawa with his hachimaki... More

9 / 10
on 13 Oct 2016

Once you are luck to get a reservation and finally in Torishiki* by Chef Yoshiteru Ikegawa, than you are definitely in chicken paradise.

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2-chōme-14-12 Kamiōsaki, Shinagawa City, Tokyo 141-0021, Japan


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+81 3-3440-7656