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Torishiki (鳥しき) Tokyo

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on 23 Jan 2018

What would you say, if I tell you we should go to a tiny place in Tokyo and then we are going to eat for hours small skewers of various parts of chicken? Some parts of a chicken you will have never heard of and maybe never want to hear about. They will be served barbequed over a tiny coal grill but sometimes almost raw inside. I am pretty sure you would not be very enthusiastic about this proposal.
But let me tell, once you get going at Tori-Shiki, Maestro Chef Yoshiteru Ikegawa with his hachimaki bandana will put a spell on you. You will be sitting there hoping that the endless stream of skewers will never end.
My son had to call 124 times to get the reservation (as Chef Ikegawa is brutally democratic about this) and once successful we got allocated only a 2-hour time slot. Chef Ikegawa seem to take a liking of us as he gave us an extra hour when we were nearing the end of our time slot, and we were more than grateful for this.
Try and get a reservation, go there, enjoy and be thankful.

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Japan, 〒141-0021 Tōkyō-to, Shinagawa-ku, Kamiōsaki, 2 Chome−14, 上大崎2丁目14−12


Open hours


+81 3-3440-7656