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Yoshiteru Ikegawa


Yakitori (Grilled chicken), Yakitori

Foodle Reviews

on 15 Jun 2020

Yakitori Course: neck, gizzard, cartilage, tsukune, heart, tofu, thigh, ginkgo, quail egg, okra, mushroom, wing, oyakodon, minced chicken and egg 🥚🐣🐔
Torishiki (鳥しき), Tokyo (May 2019)
#torishiki #鳥しき #visittokyo

on 08 May 2020

The first pic is the bento currently available at flagship Torishiki in Tokyo during COVID 19 (📸: @pateknautilus40 ). Compare to their usual bento from restaurant that is offered to customers who dine in as takeaway (pic 2-3), they changed the content quite a bit. The major chicken pieces became 「油淋鶏」which is a Chinese cuisine inspired preparation and in Japan it is usually fried chicken covered with a sweet and slightly sour sauce. Also eggs were added.
The original takeaway... More

9 / 10
on 23 Jan 2018

What would you say, if I tell you we should go to a tiny place in Tokyo and then we are going to eat for hours small skewers of various parts of chicken? Some parts of a chicken you will have never heard of and maybe never want to hear about. They will be served barbequed over a tiny coal grill but sometimes almost raw inside. I am pretty sure you would not be very enthusiastic about this proposal.
But let me tell, once you get going at Tori-Shiki, Maestro Chef Yoshiteru Ikegawa with his hachimaki... More

9 / 10
on 13 Oct 2016

Once you are luck to get a reservation and finally in Torishiki* by Chef Yoshiteru Ikegawa, than you are definitely in chicken paradise.

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Japan, 〒141-0021 Tōkyō-to, Shinagawa-ku, Kamiōsaki, 2 Chome−14, 上大崎2丁目14−12


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+81 3-3440-7656