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Takeo Shimura



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8 / 10
on 02 May 2023

Early summer menu at Naruse.
First baby corn, so delicious.

on 22 Feb 2023

New review on Tempura Naruse, the best Tempura restaurant in Japan, up on my blog 🔼 Link in profile 🔼

I shouldn’t be surprised though. Naruse gets their ingredients from the volcanic foothills of Mount Fuji, and Suruga Bay via Sasue Maeda (a highly sought after seafood supplier) with first dibs on everything before they’re sent to the Toyosu Market in Tokyo.

Timing is essential when frying great tempura but taisho Shimura-san takes it to a whole other level, timing even the harvesting... More

on 21 Feb 2023

New review on Tempura Naruse, the best Tempura restaurant in Japan, up on my blog 🔼 Link in profile 🔼


I’ve never believed in the word “perfection”. Not in a “I don’t believe in ghosts” or “I don’t believe that NASA ever landed on the moon” way *puts on tinfoil hat*. I believe in the concept of perfection, but just never believed that perfection actually exists.

This whole blog is about my attempt to chase this fleeting concept, but that’s all it ever... More

9 / 10
on 21 Sep 2022

The master pushes into the techniques and improves the old ones. Always worth the journey.

on 27 Jun 2022

One of my favourites... always such an amazing experience here.. for spring season, there is an abundance of both seafood and vegetables, and in the right hands, tempura with the best ingredients balanced with the appropriate amount of seasoning and temperature is a surreal dining experience. The textures and flavours... sheer perfection... max boom.
#料理 #レストラン #東京 #食事... More

on 28 Apr 2022

Tempura Naruse, Shizuoka

By any standard, one of the world’s greatest restaurants. An obsession with pristine local ingredients shows through the impeccable technique. Every detail is considered from the moment you arrive. The confidence with which chef works is astounding. No garnish, no wasted movements, no extraneous anything. The absolute distillation of deliciousness.

As my friend yesterday said after his first visit — “Now I have to rethink everything I knew about tempura.”

8 / 10
on 19 Apr 2022

Spring menu at Naruse, excellent products, carefully selected and superbly executed.

10 / 10
on 25 Jan 2022

Naruse winter menu. What a wonderful place, fist class ingredients, best of class technique and amazing hospitality.

10 / 10
on 10 Nov 2021

No photo Policy.
Third meal in the new location. Some changes. The window behind the counter was open and displayed a wonderful autumn forest.
The copper shield over the frying pans was replaced by a glass shield, allowing you to see the progress of the various pieces.
An the end, one moves into the tea room next door for a seated tea ceremony.

The food was great as ever, with some stunning pieces. One is always hard pressed to decided who is better, Naruse or his counterpart in Nagoya.

10 / 10
on 07 Mar 2021

Another great meal at Naruse in his wonderful newly built house.
In my opinion the best I had there.

on 17 Nov 2020

Highlights from the God-level tempura at Naruse. My second visit confirmed that is is already one of my favorite restaurants. Beg, borrow, steal your way to a reservation, particularly if you like vegetables.

10 / 10
on 30 Aug 2020

Naruse’ s combination of ingredients, techniques and hospitality is unparalleled. HIs vegetables are presented untreated when you enter the restaurant and he then cleans, cuts and prepares them for frying. The same with any fish or seafood. It is most interesting to see the secretion of the best parts of vegetables and protein right in front of you and the fine knife skills applied to get the best result.

on 27 Jul 2020

This was the Annou Imo 安納芋 Sweet Potato from Tanegashima. It had a thick crust (the skin coated with better) but not hard, more crunchy than crispy. The inside was so creamy, velvety and sooo sweet, especially with generous amount of salt flakes to bring out the sweetness. My top 3 sweet potato tempura in Japan that I had tried!
I will post more about the meal at Naruse later!


#littlemeg_japan #littlemeg_shizuoka #静岡
#littlemeg_naruse... More

on 06 Jul 2020

Naruse. Tempura perfection. In addition to being utterly delicious, watching the chef work was a masterclass in itself. Part 2.

9 / 10
on 06 Jul 2020

Currently #5 on TabeLog for tempura restaurants, this young Chef astonishes. The quality of the ingredients are sublime, the technique impeccable. Together with his friendly demeanor and the hospitality of his wife it creates a wonderful meal.
I would like to highlight one stunning piece, the almost raw aji. How someone can create somehitng like this out of a humble dish is beyond me. The texture, the taste and flavor is absolutely stunning. I would have ja drive of those pieces.

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12-2 Maruyamachō, Aoi Ward, Shizuoka, 420-0861, Japan


Open hours


+81 54-295-7791