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on 09 Aug 2020

Chocolate mousse, creme anglais infused with gochujang
A very nice lunch in Paris last week at @bruno_verjus Table restaurant where I got my favourite seat in any restaurant. Plonk me on a stool just across the bench from a bustling kitchen, feed me tasty food and keep the wine flowing and I am as happy as a pig in poop drinking a nice Burgundy.
It seems like very honest and what seems to be almost improvisational cooking here. Some have compared Bruno’s style to that of Mikael Jonsson... More

7 / 10
on 10 Dec 2016

Great meal with amazing products at Bruno Verjus' place Table in Paris.

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Recommended in Paris


3 Rue de Prague, 75012 Paris, France


Open hours


+33 1 43 43 12 26