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on 18 Jun 2024

Our lunch at 2* @david_toutain continued with incredible highlights such as the herring in a super refined black sesame sauce, the white asparagus with rhubarb & almond, the abalone with buckwheat & sea lettuce, and the most elegant vanilla & caramel dessert ever!

The second part of our menu:

Sourdough bread - Beurre “Madame”
White Asparagus - Rhubarb - Almond
Abalone - Buckwheat - Sea Lettuce
Herring - Sesame - Gastrique
Land - Green Asparagus - Bitter Orange
Bleu d’Auvergne... More

on 16 Jun 2024

Four experiences are offered at lunch at 2* @david_toutain where the menus bear the name of a plant. We opted for the 8-course Menu Queen Of The Meadows which started with a series of lovely small bites, followed by a flavorful focaccia, a beautiful John Dory, and a delightful cuttlefish.

The first part of our menu:

Oyster - Kiwi - Coriander
Pontoise cabbage - Wild Mint
Tetragone - Poultry - Lemon
Beetroot - Amberjack - Cherry
Focaccia - Pumpkin seeds - Bay Leaf
Rhizome - Citrus - Vegetal
John... More

on 23 Mar 2024

Big flavours @david_toutain

- Shells, onion, quince -
- Cuttlefish, wild garlic, cauliflower -
- White asparagus, rhubarb, almond -
- Codfish, artichoke, root -
- Lobster, douglas fir, boule d’or -
- Hare, potato, cacao, hazelnut -
- Land, green asparagus, bitter orange -
- Bleu d’Avergne, pear, quinoa -
- Vanilla, black truffle, rice -

Tasty experience by @david_toutain

on 24 Nov 2022

Hare - Onions Cacao
Another stupendous meal back in November ‘21 at what has to be my favourite Parisian restaurant, ⭐️⭐️ @david_toutain . It was fun also accidentally stalking Rasmus Munk for a couple of days. He was at Arpege same day as me and then I walked into DT and there was Rasmus, Mikkel Steen Andersen & Lykke sitting across the dining room. I’m just very pleased that I have the same taste in restaurants as Rasmus ☺️
Michelin Guide - ⭐️⭐️
OAD - 69
W50B... More

on 17 Aug 2020

Pistachio - avocado

Cherry & chocolate

Cauliflower - coconut

Probably my favourite meal from last week’s Paris trip was as I had expected it to be at ⭐️⭐️ @david_toutain .In 2017 I did my first gastronomic trip to Paris and specifically targeted a lot of the grand three star temples of gastronomy like Arpège, Guy Savoy, Le Cinq and Alléno and some more classical places like Tour d’Argent among others. With this brief in mind I had asked my fellow food geeks for their... More

on 05 Jan 2018

Lemon meringue
Restaurant David Toutain, Paris (May 2017)

Recommended in Paris


29 Rue Surcouf, 75007 Paris, France


Open hours


+33 1 45 50 11 10