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on 23 Jun 2022

Sower (@restaurant_sower) is a new spot on the north side of Japan's Lake Biwa. Mother Lake. Local ingredients from the area, like ayu 鮎 and masu 鱒 are found at high end restaurants around Japan, so it's nice to go to the source. Looking forward to see what the next season holds.

on 03 Apr 2022

Such a pleasure to experience the brand new @restaurant_sower in Shiga prefecture. Situated on the expansive grounds of a hotel beside Lake Biwa, they have access to incredible natural product from the lake and surroundings, as well as nearby mountains and ocean.

Chef @coleman__griffin and team bring a wide range of experience in some of the world’s most notable restaurants. The space makes good use of natural textures, local ceramics, and borrowed scenery out of broad windows.... More

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2064 Nishiazaichō Ōura, Nagahama, Shiga 529-0721, Japan


Open hours


+81 749-89-1888