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Hiroaki Tokuyama


Regional Cuisine, Auberge

Foodle Reviews

on 24 Jan 2023

Tokuyamazushi 徳山鮓 — a break in between crab meals. The fatty Kuma nabe was perfect for winter. Another dish of the day was the koi sashimi, probably the best I’ve had and I didn’t even think it was koi season. •

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on 03 Aug 2022

A relatively light and refreshing lunch at Tokoyamazushi, great for summer. Looking forward to winter kuma nabe. •

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on 01 Aug 2022

WOTD: 93 Leflaive Les Combettes — mature but still vibrant and structured; ripe, almost tropical fruit balanced with fresh acidity. Indulging marzipan, honey notes, energetic palate, good length for a premier cru.

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on 15 Dec 2021

06 Soldera — medium bodied, sweet and lifted. Good balance between power and finesse. Firm structure and savoriness went well with bear hotpot.
10 Overnoy — young and powerful, very intense saline and acidity on the palate, almost a little austere. Needs some time to round the edges.

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on 21 Aug 2021

In the heart of Shiga-ken, this place is fairly remote but worth the hike out there. We went during bear season and the meal also included the the funazushi that is well known for the areas near to Biwa-ko. Not for everyone, but I love funazushi! Non-pretentious yummy food with great hospitality and a view to die for.
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7 / 10
on 03 Aug 2021

Summer lunch, masu salmon from Biwako and of course ayu.

on 06 May 2021

Byo lunch at Tokuyamazushi. The funky funazushi calls for a funky wine and 00 Radikon Oslavje Fuori dal Tempo was just impressive. 60% Chardonnay 40% Sauvignon Blanc, 9 years bottle aging before release. The combination of skin contact, controlled oxidation and maturation made it taste almost like an old Barolo. Both Dujac and Mortet paired well with kuma nabe. A bottle of Tatsumi gin on the terrace after the meal was just the perfect ending to the trip!

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8 / 10
on 30 Mar 2021

You come to Tokuyamazushi” in search of the taste of "Narezushi (fermented fish sushi)", which is only available here. Nagahama City, Shiga Prefecture is located at the north end of Lake Biwa on the shores of Lake Yogo. In this place, which blends in with the original landscape of Japan, chef Hiroaki Tokuyama welcomes guests with his daughter Mai and her husband Nayuta.
"Narezushi", which is fermented with fish, salt and cooked rice by lactic acid, is said to be the origin of sushi, with unique... More

on 18 May 2020

Last time we made zousui but this time the nabe set from Tokuyamazushi took care of the carb part. They provided 6 individually packed noodles as “shime” for us. We made 3/4 with hanasansho and 1/4 with the pack of sansai in smokey katsuo dashi. These noodles were SO DELICIOUS! 🤯🤯🤯 For real? We had this level of good food at home? I was still mind blown by how Japanese were about to create a takehome meal experience to this high level? I definitely think my benchmark for hotpot at home... More

8 / 10
on 11 May 2020

Mail order take out from the famous Tokuyamazushi restaurant in Shiga. The logistics of the Japanese take out is simply mind blowing, You call up, they deliver the next morning, you pay at the door and then you prepare your nabe (hot pot) at home. And the taste is unbelievably good. It is almost as good as in the restaurant yourself.
If you have ver tried it, it is a must. The wild bear, in the dashi with the seasonal sansho peppers is so good tasting, it cannot be beaten. Finish you hotpot with... More

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1408 Yogochō Kawanami, Nagahama-shi, Shiga-ken 529-0523, Japan


Open hours


+81 749-86-4045