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Creative, Modern Cuisine, Modern European


Jan Hartwig

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on 01 Nov 2023

This dessert by @janhartwig_official enjoyed at his three Michelin-starred restaurant in Munich has to be one of the most elegant chocolate desserts I’ve ever had. Not too light, nowhere near too heavy. A very light chocolate mousse was mixed with peanuts and topped with with pear sorbet. Together with salted caramel and rose hip, this was a perfect finish to a stunning menu 👌
#restaurantsmunich #restaurantsmünchen #janhartwig #chocolate... More

on 27 Oct 2023

Lime meringue, sardine, aioli and jalapeño - another perfect bite at ⭐️⭐️⭐️ @janhartwig_official in Munich 👌
#munich #münchen #sardine #seafood #threemichelinstars

on 26 Oct 2023

Crustade filled with tartar of char, aged soy sauce and @n25caviar - one of those bites that feels monumental and weightless at the same time - served at ⭐️⭐️⭐️-starred @janhartwig_official in Munich 👌
#janhartwig #restaurantjan #munich #münchen #caviar #threestars #threemichelinstars #restaurantsmunich

on 14 Oct 2023

He is the "golden boy" of the top gastronomy and represents the new generation of german cooking elite!
In a very uncertain time, he shows his immense self-confidence and has dared to take the step into self-employment. Hopefully not just me, that demands the greatest possible respect!
From the bottom of my heart i wish you & your entire team only the best!
Another great night at your spot!
Big Love! ❤️

Jan - ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Munich, Germany
#miguelontour #mcculinarylife... More

on 03 Oct 2023

3 star experience @janhartwig_official

- Black cod, tomato, foie gras, kombu oil -
- Pork belly, veal sweetbread, pistachio, spleen -
- Pigeon, coffee, spices, beetroot, vadouvan -
- Mängisch, french dressing, dill, physalis -
- Williams christ, peanuts, hip, salted caramel -

Again a foodtastic experience @[instagram] JAN ✨

on 02 Oct 2023

3 star experience @janhartwig_official

- Foie gras, fingerlime, maple syrup -
- Sardine, lime baiser, aioli, jalapeño -
- Buckwheat, char tartare, myoga, wasabi -
- Umami, bouillon, porcini mushroom oil -
- Senfei, potato, egg, mustard -
- Char, combova, burnt cream, dashi beurre blanc -
- Scallop, oyster, fennel, lardo, celery, caviar -

Again a foodtastic experience @[instagram] JAN ✨

on 17 Feb 2023

After all the amazing Thai restaurants a headstart into the top class of European fine dining: a one-meal-stopover in JAN, Munich, that happens to be a clear 3-stars level, but with no stars for the moment (that will change in early April already)!
Wonderful meal from the very beginning to the last petits fours, amazing balance and finesse, this is world class!
And a very special off degustation item from the chef: a Hungarian goulash, to comfort my heimweh, just check that mirror of the sauce!... More

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Luisenstraße 27, 80333 München, Germany


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+49 89 23708658