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Massimo Bottura


Creativa, Progressive Italian

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on 14 Apr 2021

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (reprise)
Vignola, Camouflage, Macaron di lampone, Madeleine allo yuzu
A little trip to Modena back in December when restaurants in Italy were briefly allowed to open. Osteria Francescana has been on my bucket list for quite a few years now so I was glad to finally get a table. Excellent food as expected, served in quite a sombre dining room which was a surprise from such a playful and exuberant chef. My full thoughts are on my FB page. Certainly worth the... More

10 / 10
Top list
on 12 Dec 2020

An experience that for fans like us, must be done. The tasting menu in general seems to us a first sign of what the kitchen will be in the future, Massimo Bottura is an artist and visionary Chef who has been able to make us travel from tradition to the future only by making us sit at the table.

9 / 10
on 02 May 2018

A very special experience at Massimo Bottura's restaurant, with lots of great surprises and some nice classics! Tutto/Everything menu with some extras.

9 / 10
on 20 Oct 2016

Another wonderful and interesting meal by Massimo Bottura***.

10 / 10
on 10 Jun 2016

Hard to beat
We have tried for nearly 6 month to book a table, when finally received the e-mail that our reservation was accepted. We got a lunch table, which we did not mind at all. From the start to the finish the tasting menu with drink pairing, the service and the ambiance blew us away.
Brave and adventurous cooking, with the respect of the great italian culinary traditions. The highest quality food beautifully presented. Some drink pairings were unusual but was a perfect match with the dish,... More

8 / 10
on 30 May 2012

First visit. Very good meal.

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Via Stella, 22, 41121 Modena MO, Italy


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+39 059 223912