Lunch at Osteria Francescana

Lunch at Osteria Francescana

at Osteria Francescana on 20 October 2016
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sourdough with olive oil extra vergine

from Modena to Mirandola

Culatello, the best of Parma ham

Five ages and textures of Parmeggiano Reggiano with different temperatures

Tagliatelle with ragou

Tortellini with 36 months old parmeggiano sauce

spin-painted veal

Chef's famous and classic Magnum. Foie gras ice-cream bar with traditional balsamic vinegar from Modena Coated with crashed almonds and hazelnut

ooooops!! i dropped the lemon tart

vignola cherries with dark chocolate

memory of a mortadella sandwich

An eel swimming up the river