Lunch at Osteria Francescana

Lunch at Osteria Francescana

at Osteria Francescana on 20 October 2016
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Another wonderful and interesting meal by Massimo Bottura***.

9 / 10

a bite and a sip of Sorrento

Sourdough with cherry and olive oil

"Oyster in the wood"

Bread, butter and anchovies... what an amazing dish

the crispy bread is filled with smoked anchovies

Ravioli east and west: shrimps, lentils, cotechino gelatine and ginger

Ceasar salad in Emilia

The crunchy part of the Lasagne

Autumn: a broth with truffle, goose liver and mushrooms

predessert: risotto

Oh Deer!!

Dessert: Bread is gold

red mullet hiding in the Rockpool. Tomato powder, green and black olive powder on the crispy skin of the fish