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Izumi Kimura


Sushi, Progressive American

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on 25 Jan 2024

Sushi Jin, Toyama Part II: There have been (literally) seismic changes since my last visit🫨. First, Kimura-san has reported that his restaurant only suffered minor damage during the Jan 1st earthquake—a huge relief🙏🏻. Second, as of June 2023, Sushi Jin has evolved to a stunning new concept and location, Tachigui Sushi JinJin (立ち喰い鮨人人)🍣. Knowing that this new challenge was being developed behind the scenes has provided some context to my dining experience at Sushi Jin…and... More

on 24 Jan 2024

Sushi Jin • Toyama | Part I: Kimura-san is a self taught chef who is renowned for his idiosyncratic, renegade style of sushi, which showcases the seafood and produce of the Toyama region. He’s kinda the Joey Ramone of the sushi world. 🤘🍣⚡️
Our meal had moments of absolute brilliance (shiro-ebi, botan-ebi shabu-shabu, grilled nodoguro, Kimura-san!), less an optimum ones (mushy sumeshi, stone-cold ōtoro), but overall it was a memorable experience… and the sake pairings rocked! 🍶👏🏻💥

握り 富山県産 白エビの昆布締め... More

on 04 Mar 2021

Toyama’s Sushi Jin. Excellent local ingredients, a fresh style, very personable and happy to talk about how and why he does things his way. Notable for serving only local nihonshu from Masuizumi, as well as Krug. Strongly recommended, and if you can’t make it out there, he does very frequent pop ups around Tokyo.

on 18 Feb 2021

Self taught sushi chef, located in a residential area of Toyama, the style here is quite impact-driven than anything else. The otsumami were good, neta excellent and the place is really comfortable. The most striking thing is the powerful akazu shari... definitely leaves a mark. Then the sake pairing.... its not really a sake pairing as such but more or less a Masuizumi pairing. Not that I'm complaining 😆. There is a strong motion to support local produce and... More

8 / 10
on 11 Jun 2020

Third meal in almost as many weeks. One has to admire Kimura-san! Back in Toyama and the lock down easing in Japan his restaurant is almost full for lunch. Here he is back in his element preparing almost every single dish of the 20 course omakase lunch menu for his customers. At the same time he is shouting instructions to his four assistants to start the prep work on the next courses. He, unlike other es, does not start everybody at the same time, so it is a massive coordination effort to give... More

7 / 10
on 04 Jun 2020

I am not a great fan of pop-ups. Normally they never deliver the original experience, especially when it is a collaboration dinner. Nevertheless I felt I needed to show my face when Kimura-san comes from Toyama to show the folks in the capital what Toyama sushi is all about. He did not take the Shinkansen but drove so he could bring his own water to cook the rice with it. he also brought the sake master from the Masuizumi brewery with him who was able to explain the wonderful sake pairing.
And... More

on 13 May 2020

The first pic was my seafood rolls from multiple visits (regulars who dine there often received it as a gift). He made the first one in Jan 2019 which I got as a “snack” for taking shinkansen ride back. The version kept adapting and now it became a full sized seafood roll in box. The barachirashi was new for COVID 19, when a lot of customers wanted to dine at home but craving for high quality ingredients as good as those used in sushi shops. Both seafood rolls and barachirashi are ¥5000 yen... More

7 / 10
on 24 Apr 2020

Back at my favourite sushi place in Toyama. Kimura-san is a person with a tiny body (he eats only once a day to maintain his leather jacket model body) but with a big heart. Even though he is hurting in this period, he keeps up a good spirit and makes you feel welcome.
We ordered the dinner menu and as always he did not disappoint. His shari is highly acidic, which I like and some of his neta preparations are very special.
He has a personal relationship with the Maisuzumi sake brewery which enables... More

7 / 10
on 22 Nov 2019

The sushi rock star in Toyama. Long hair, hyper active, super energetic but very, very friendly. Despite having a few assistants he does every nigiri himself. When his counter and the dining room is full this is a lot of nigiris.
His composition of the Omakase is unusual as he jumps between the otsumami and the nigiris, but the it does not feel out of order. Some of the treatments of his fish which are with the exception of the tune sourced from the Toyama bay, are very unique.
All of this combines... More

8 / 10
on 29 Nov 2018

When you enter this sushi restaurant which looks like an old school place you know that this place is different. The Chef Izumi Kimura is not shaven like most or all sushi chefs but has long hair, maybe even rasta dreadlocks hidden by his chef head. Once he gets going he offers a very warm hospitality and tells you his story. Apparently I took him 10 years and three unsuccessful attempts as a self taught sushi chef to create a sustainable business. When I was there for the early 6pm shift, I was... More

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3 Chome-5-7 Shinnezukamachi, Toyama-shi, Toyama-ken 939-8205, Japan


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+81 76-422-0918