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Odette Singapore

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on 03 Jan 2024

About 4 years ago, I tried @chefvickycheng 4hands with @chef_julien at @odetterestaurant in Singapore for the very first time. I love how VC incorporates Chinese ingredients and his Chinese heritage into @vea_hk’s french concept.

Then in 2021, he opened Wing, a dedicated Chinese restaurant of his own interpretation. It became his platform to showcase modern Chinese culture to the world. 👏🏼 to this philosophy and concept. I told myself, next... More

on 26 Dec 2023

Some of you have asked if our sake brands are available in Singapore. Yes💯! Officially distributed, genuine quality assured Juyondai and N can be enjoyed at Odette, the exquisite 3 star Michelin restaurant helmed by Chef Julien Royer✨. After experiencing Odette’s superlative cuisine and generous service, I couldn’t think of a more perfect venue for our sake to reside🙌🏻. Here are some delicious memories from my meal there with our distribution partner Eugene Wong, of @boutiquebottlesociety.... More

on 21 Nov 2023

Apprécier @odetterestaurant

- Grignotages -
- Uni, red prawn, mussel cloud, caviar -
- Brown crab, avocado, nashi pear, coriander -

3 star perfection by @chef_julien

9 / 10
Top list
on 29 Nov 2019

Great meal at Odette, the newly minted 3 star place in Singapore. I do like the classic but subtle cuisines of Julien Roy. The kitchen preformed flawless even though the boss was in Hongkong attending his restaurant there.
Soldi choice, prefect delivery, excellent front office.

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