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on 10 Feb 2024

Favorite Tamago EVER! Souffle/French toast-like = perfect end to the such a unique and eye opening meal. Thank you for inviting @tomokohappycamper & @the_dining_austrian

on 10 Feb 2024

Miss Sushidokoro Mekumi so much already!

-Crazy Uni rice bowl seasoned with seaweed with an absurd ratio of sea urchin

- Seafood Treasure of the best seafood along the Noto Peninsula used for his nigiri

- Fried Ebi shrimp Head topped with sea salt

-God Level Noduguro and favorite Shirako Nigiri (thanks for the photos @thepursuitoffoodperfection !)

- a huge lobe of Grilled Ankimo that looked like foie gras served as nigiri too, freaking amazing

- More Kani mixed with kanimiso

@the_dining_austrian... More

on 06 Feb 2024

Wildly delicious meal at Crab & Kanazawa Seafood temple Sushidokoro Mekumi (named after his wife)! Crazy delicious crab courses and extremely unique sushi as a result of his scientific approach and relentless pursuit of the best ingredients.

Lightly steamed long-legged red and white snow crab as well as Kegani (hairy) crab meat extracted by using a rolling wooden pin along the length of their legs. For each, he pours the most sinful and flavorful kanimiso crab fat on top. So damn delicious.

10 / 10
on 24 Jan 2024

In the tranquil outskirts of Kanazawa, nestled within Nonoichi's serene landscape, lies Sushidokoro Mekumi, a sanctuary of culinary excellence led by the visionary Chef Takayoshi Yamaguchi. Renowned for his meticulous craftsmanship and an unwavering dedication to the freshest ingredients, my latest visit to Mekumi was nothing short of a gastronomic revelation, setting a new pinnacle in my culinary journeys.

The meal commenced with an otsumami trio of crabs, each selection embodying the pinnacle... More

10 / 10
on 08 Feb 2023

Gran finale of the kani season.

Takayoshi Yamaguchi, the chef behind Sushidokoro Mekumi, is renowned for his unique approach to sushi. Located in Nonoichi City near Kanazawa, his restaurant attracts top chefs and food enthusiasts from around the world. Yamaguchi's devotion to flavor and freshness is evident in his meticulous research and scientific analysis of ingredients, aiming to bring out their maximum umami. Despite not initially being interested in seafood, he discovered a passion for sushi... More

on 23 Jan 2023

Sushi Mekumi すし処めくみ 3rd visit — 1st time during the peak of the crab season and this meal was at another level compared to the previous 2 visits in summer. 3 types of crabs served with Kani miso over leg meat. A few nigiris and finally uni rice seasoned with seaweed. Definitely the best place for crabs among all sushi restaurants. •

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10 / 10
on 21 Dec 2022

Takayoshi Yamaguchi, the master of kani (crab) preparation, showcases his culinary prowess at Sushidokoro Mekumi, where guests are treated to a remarkable dinner featuring five distinct and exquisite crab varieties. With his scientific approach and relentless passion for flavor, Yamaguchi mesmerizes diners with the freshest seafood sourced from the abundant Sea of Japan. Located in Kanazawa, his restaurant stands as a testament to his unwavering dedication to local ingredients and the pursuit of... More

on 12 Jun 2022

Mekumi すし処 めくみ 2nd visit — better season this time so the experience was a lot more enjoyable than my first visit. Special ingredients include gasu ebi, the season’s last fugu shirako and bafun uni. The seaweed seasoned uni rice was heavenly. (No pictures on the nigiris as you are supposed to eat them as soon as they are served) •

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10 / 10
on 28 Feb 2022

Another astounding meal

on 28 Feb 2021

Sushidokoro Mekumi, outside of Kanazawa. A singular experience by a truly dedicated chef. Famous for his painstaking procurement of seafood around the region, and a unique style. No nigiri pictures allowed. Sake paring is a must, as well. Extremely fortunate to have gone twice in crab season.

on 17 Feb 2021

『すし処 めくみ』


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on 06 Jan 2021

Sashimi of bonito and yellowtail caught in the morning



Sushidokoro Mekumi Nonoichi, Ishikawa
石川 野々市「寿し処 めくみ」


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on 26 Dec 2020

Kyoto + Kanazawa + Kaga Onsen Autumn Trip

Posting a bunch of places all at once, since I’m way behind.

Kanazawa: Sushi Mekumi @sushidokoro.mekumi

Yamaguchi-san is not serving typical sushi. Our crab course started with five different types of crab in seven preparations, followed by some bycatch shrimp and whelk, then on to nigiri. Superb flavors, delicate shari, and great saké pairings. A must-go, 100% worth the trip.

10 / 10
on 24 Sep 2020

Takayoshi Yamaguchi san restaurant is generally listed as a sushi restaurant. I think this classification is wrong as he now clearly has established himself in his own category.
Yes, he still serves nigiris, but most of them have not a raw neta, but a cooked one. So together with his otsumami most of the food is cooked.
The sourcing is always absolutely top notch, the execution flawless. Together it creates an unbelievable meal. His extensive sake selection and pairing with his food leaves no... More

10 / 10
on 17 Sep 2020

Kani dinner at Mekumi. The Master at his best.

Note: Only otsumami pictures. The Chef does not want pictures to be taken for the nigiris.

10 / 10
on 26 Aug 2020

Fourth meal in 2020 at one of my favorites places. No words needed, however I want to mention four dishes which are extraordinary.
First crab (kani) of the year, the nodoguro (Blackthroat seaperch or rosy seabass), the wild unagi and the deconstructed Uni hosomaki.

9 / 10
on 22 Jul 2020

The Master of Kanazawa always delivers, always astonishes.

10 / 10
on 01 Jul 2020

No comment, another great meal.

10 / 10
on 18 Jun 2020

Another meal at Mekumi-san. Truly one of the best sushi restaurants in Japan. The skill and determination of Mekumi-San is unparalleled. This time we only got two raw nigiri and thereafter only cooked ones. There are no pictures as he asked us to eat them quickly and not waste time making pictures. So no pictures, only great tast memories.

10 / 10
on 21 Nov 2019

The master in action, now words needed

10 / 10
on 02 Dec 2018

Takayoshi Yamaguchi - the master of them all

There you go and make a really effort and learn to experience the best sushi places on earth. You think you know something. Then you go to Sushitokoro Mekumi and life is changed. You know nothing, you wasted your life. It is that good, believe me!
I do not know where to start but let me just pick his crab preparations. Having heated the hair carb a little bit, he boils down the crab that has been cleaned carefully with water with a salt concentration... More

on 19 Oct 2017

Kanazawa is known for its abundance in fresh seafood due to its proximity to the Japan Sea. So naturally, our first stop in this city is one of the top sushiyas - Mekumi (すし処 めくみ) - which is #2 on Tabelog in the Ishikawa Prefecture for sushi. Chef Takahashi Yamaguchi runs the show here, preparing everything with the help of 1 apprentice and serving everything himself. There are just 8 seats at the counter and food photography was not permitted. What stood out the most is the... More

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Japan, 〒921-8831 石川県野々市市下林4丁目48


+81 (76) 246 7781