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Kevin Tien



Foodle Reviews

on 15 Nov 2022

A great brunch with California friends and a few local ones 😃

4) CHICKEN & PANDAN TOAST – two crispy chicken thighs, chili maple fish sauce, pickles, pandan Texas toast

5) CAFÉ DU MONDE FRENCH QUARTER TOAST – thick cut brioche, red eye coffee condensed milk, powdered sugar, whipped cream
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on 02 Nov 2022

SIU MAI & GRITS – chayote squash, shrimp stuffing, fried unicorn grits, nước cốt dừa 🤤

When I first saw this dish, I wasn't sure what to think of it. Any concern I had was quickly dissolved after the first delicious bite 😋
#hungryglomad_washingtondc #vietfood #vietnamesefood #vietnamesecuisine #modernvietnamese #foodgram #foodgrams #foodiegram #foodiegrams #foodpic #foodpics... More

on 21 Aug 2022

1) Bánh Mì Catfish Po-Boy – salt & pepper Maryland blue catfish, mayo, pickles, jalapeño 🤤

2) Peanut Noodle Bowl – peanut hoisin sauce, Temomi noodles, pea tendrils, chili garlic crunch, tofu 😋

The current Bánh Mì @moonrabbitdc is layered with much history and heritage: baguette by way of French colonialism, fish local to the DMV, and regional inspiration that pulls from @chefkevintien’s prior experience living and working in Louisiana. You won’t find... More

on 27 Jun 2022

A really fun dinner a few weeks ago. Much thanks to @annafromthebloc for the lovely company! 🤗

1) CHA CA LA VONG – roasted branzino, long beans, turnips, turmeric curry, dill

2) BANH KHOAI MI – cassava coconut cornbread, cultured butter, lime leaf

3) FOIE MOUSSE TART – five spice foie mousse, tamarind onion jam

4) BANH CAM – sesame mochi, uni, caviar

5) CON SO TOM KHA – kombu cured scallops, tom kha vinaigrette, sate

6) GOI XOAI – green mango, herbs, lychee, pomelo,... More

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801 Wharf St SW, Washington, DC 20024, USA


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+1 202-878-8566