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Average rating from 2 meals 6.5 / 10
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Foodle Reviews

6 / 10
on 23 Dec 2018

An extraordinary tour de force by José Andres and his team in Washington DC.
Very tasty and innovative. Great casual place to eat all day long.
This place turns out more than 350 covers on a busy day, all of this with 3 Chefs and at a high quality.

7 / 10
on 30 May 2018

China Chilcano serves their own take on multicultural Peruvian cuisine. This lively, casual restaurant by Jose Andres, focuses on Criollo, Chifa and Nikkei food. All dishes have a touch of the native Criollo influence.

CHINESE CHIFA - You’ll find ginger and soy sauce used in Peruvian cooking, and stir fry methods too, as in the popular Lomo Saltado dish. This Peruvian-Chinese mashup is called CHIFA and came about from the large influx of Chinese settlers in Peru during the mid 1800s. At China... More

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418 7th St NW, Washington, DC 20004, USA


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+1 202-783-0941