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Yakiniku LIKE Shimbashi Tokyo


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on 29 Jun 2023

特製つけ麺 / Tokusei Tsukemen / Menya Sugo — Shimbashi, Tokyo

Rich tonkotsu-gyokai dipping soup is boiled at 136 °C and contains pork, chicken and five types of gyokai. The tare sauce uses shoyu from Akita Prefecture. Kanno Seimen noodles are made with a custom recipe and only available at this shop. The noodles contain one type of domestic flour, sourced from Fukuoka. Three kinds of chashu include special brand pork belly and shoulder, as well as chicken which is seasoned with salt only.... More

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新橋W・Bビル 1F, 2-chōme-15-8 Shinbashi, Minato City, Tokyo 105-0004, Japan


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+81 3-3519-8929