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Tsukesoba Kuro Tokyo


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on 06 Aug 2021

特製鶏魚介つけそば / Tokusei Tori Gyokai Tsukesoba / Tsukesoba Kuro - Izumi-Tamagawa, Tokyo

Toripaitan gyokai soup is made from Akadori chickens, katsuobushi, niboshi and saba bushi. Noodles are house-made. The master is a former boxer who first trained at the Tokyo ramenya Orenosora. When he opened his own shop he chose to do so in his hometown of Komae City, Tokyo. Since 2011. @tsukesobakuro

on 18 Jul 2021

Tsukemen at Kuro out near the Tamagaea River, Tokyo.

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3-chōme-7-9 Higashiizumi, Komae, Tokyo 201-0014, Japan


Open hours


+81 3-3480-5877