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Ramen Koike (らぁめん小池) Tokyo


Average rating from 1 meal 9 / 10
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on 11 Apr 2024

らぁめん小池 (Koike in Kamikitazawa)

Koike, a ramen shop in Tokyo, offers three styles: niboshi-rich clear soup, shoyu clear soup, and thick soup. The kotteri ramen is smooth and intense, while the egg is surprisingly unseasoned and soaked in katsuo broth for umami. Despite being a bit out of the way, the shop is worth a visit for its unique ramen experience.

I'm currently breaking down the Top 100 #hyakumeiten #百名店 shops from around Japan. This one is 61/100... More

9 / 10
on 16 Aug 2020

Recommended bowl: Heavy niboshi

A highly ranked shop, worth repeat visits to sample the various dishes across the menu. Most bowls are centered around a niboshi soup, in both rich and light versions. But there's also spicy Taiwan-style ramen, aburasoba and limited edition dishes. The noodles are thin, straight and excellent; supplied by Murakami Asahi Seimen. The thin-sliced pink chashu is laid out like a flower in the center of the bowls.

Recommended in Tokyo


Japan, 〒156-0057 Tokyo, Setagaya City, Kamikitazawa, 4-chōme−19−18 上北沢ハイネスコーポ 1F


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