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Koukaibou (こうかいぼう) Tokyo


Average rating from 1 meal 9 / 10
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Ramen, Tsukemen

Foodle Reviews

on 22 Apr 2024

らーめん こうかいぼう (Kokaibo in Kiyosumi)

Kokaibo, a ramen shop in Tokyo, was ranked #4 on Supleks.jp back in the day. The ramen is made from various ingredients and water is from a Seagull IV water purification system. The set includes a small rice and raw egg, and a bowl of fried pork rice. The ramen is simple and delicious, with a subtle sweetness and no aftertaste. The soup has a unique taste, unlike other ramens that leave a watery aftertaste. The author concludes that... More

9 / 10
on 19 Jan 2019

Recommended bowl: Could eat it every day

Open since 2001, Koukaibou was one of the first "new generation" shops to break away from traditional ramen technique to explore new territory. Taguchi-san, the shop master, was among the early innovators to employ a double-flavor soup – now a common approach in the ramen world.

The soup here is tonkotsu-gyokai fusion with niboshi. It's rich and smooth, but easy to drink – uncommonly light and balanced for this genre. Another interesting characteristic:... More

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2-chōme-13-10 Fukagawa, Koto City, Tokyo 135-0033, Japan


Open hours


+81 3-5620-4777