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Ramen Jiro Hachioji (ラーメン二郎 八王子野猿街道店 2) Tokyo


Average rating from 1 meal 8 / 10
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Jiro Style

Foodle Reviews

on 05 Jul 2021

Jiro in Hachioji is one of the top rated Jiro shops in Japan.

8 / 10
on 09 Jul 2020

Recommended bowl: Born & bred Jiro

Ranked one of the highest Ramen Jiro shops in Japan, for some Jiro fans this is number one. The Jiro style soup is a robust tonkotsu shoyu, with thick house-made noodles and an assortment of topping options. Unlike many Jiro shops, tsukemen is on the menu and is almost equally as popular as the ramen. The bowls are large even by Jiro standards, so customers are asked to take precaution when ordering. Master Noguchi-san trained at the Jiro Mita Honten under original... More

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Japan, 〒192-0355 Tokyo, Hachioji, Horinouchi, 2-chōme−13−16


Open hours


+81 42-675-6806