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味噌専門 ラーメン味來 Tokyo


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on 18 May 2024

味玉味噌ラーメン / Ajitama Miso Ramen / Miso Mendokoro Tasakaya — Ikebukuro, Tokyo

Soup uses pork bones, chicken bones, vegetables, white miso and pork back fat. Medium thick noodles are supplied by the Shinjuku-based Daruma Seimen. Topped with ajitama, pork shoulder chashu, wok-fried bean sprouts, menma and negi. Spicy pork and negi rice bowl on the side.

Master Tasaka-san trained at the well-known shop Miso Mendokoro Hanamichian in Nogata. Nine seats. Since March 4th, 2023. @tasakaya_miso... More

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5-chōme-24-12 Nishiikebukuro, Toshima City, Tokyo 171-0021, Japan


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