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Nakasu Yatai Naga Hama Ra-Men Shodai Kenta (中洲屋台長浜ラーメン初代 健太) Tokyo


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on 08 Apr 2024

中洲屋台 長浜ラーメン 初代 健太 (Kenta in Koenji, Tokyo)

Tokyo is a melting pot of ramen styles, with Kyushu being king in porky tonkotsu. Local shops in Tokyo offer a variety of tonkatsu ramen, with Kenta being ranked fifth overall. The shop features a stinky and tasty top-level ramen made from pork bones simmered for hours, influenced by Kyushu's high gas bills. Open daily since 2015, the restaurant is trained at Komaya in Hakata.

I'm currently breaking down the Top 100 #hyakumeiten... More

on 10 Jun 2023

ラーメン + ネギ / Ramen + Negi / Nakasu-Yatai Nagahama Ramen Shodai Kenta — Koenji, Tokyo

Nagahama style tonkotsu ramen. Pure pork bone soup. Thin straight Hakata style noodles are ordered and shipped in from Fukuoka via Aoki Shokusan. Topped with pork chashu, nori and extra negi. Free hard-boiled eggs and other condiments like garlic, spicy takana, pickled ginger, wood ear mushrooms and sesame seeds on the counter.

Master Kenta Yokoo-san trained at a yatai (street cart) in the Nakasu... More

on 03 Sep 2021

ねぎダブル + 追いトゥル / Negi Double + Oi-tōru / Hakata Nagahama Ramen Kenta - Koenji, Tokyo

Hakata tonkotsu ramen, served with thin straight Hakata style noodles. 'Oi-tōru' wonton skins handmade fresh by the shop Hashimaru located nearby. Each bowl is made one at a time, kaedama also available. Master Kenta Yokoo-san first trained at a yatai in the Nakasu district of Fukuoka before bringing his talents to Tokyo. First opened and run as an izakaya with ramen, Kenta later changed to... More

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1-chōme-66-6 Yamatochō, Nakano City, Tokyo 165-0034, Japan


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+81 90-9795-8746