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Chuukasoba Hirai (中華蕎麦 ひら井) Tokyo


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Ramen, Tsukemen

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on 27 Feb 2024

中華蕎麦 ひら井

Chukasoba Hirai, a popular shop, opened in 2021 and is currently ranked highly in the Ramen Database. The restaurant offers a variety of tsukemen, including tokusei and chashumen, with nami noodles and sho noodles. The homemade noodles are made with Ayahikari flour from Mie Prefecture, a grade 2 flour used in Ise udon. Other flours used include Chikugoizumi from Kyushu and Haruyotaku from Hokkaido. The soup is made from pork bones, pig heads, beef bones, and whole chickens.... More

on 22 Feb 2024

担々麺 / Tantanmen / Chūka Soba Hirai — Fuchū, Tokyo

100% doubutsukei (animal bone) soup contains pork knuckles, whole pig heads, beef bones, chicken carcasses and chicken feet. Noodles are house-made with Hokkaido wheat. Other ingredients / toppings include sesame, spicy chili, Szechuan pepper, pork chashu, menma, green negi and nori. The regular menu consists of straight tonkotsu tsukemen and ramen, limited tantanmen only available on certain Fridays and weekends. Sumibiyaki chashu rice... More

on 27 Jul 2021

チャーシューつけ蕎麦並+味玉 / Chashu Tsukesoba + Ajitama / Chūka Soba Hirai - Kita-Fuchū, Tokyo

Tonkotsu tsukemen comes with a rich soup containing pork genkotsu and whole heads, beef bones, chicken carcasses and feet. Thick dipping noodles are house-made using flours sourced from Hokkaido, Kyushu and Mie. Noodles for ramen are made using Hokkaido wheat only. The pork chashu is served three ways, two of them charcoal grilled and one low temperature slow-cooked. Yakumi seasoning changes... More

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Japan, 〒183-0051 Tokyo, Fuchu, Sakaechō, 2-chōme−11−7


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+81 42-319-8389