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京はやしや 西武百貨店池袋本店 Tokyo


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Foodle Reviews

on 14 Jul 2023

特上醤油らぁめん / Tokujo Shoyu Ramen / Japanese Ramen Gokan — Ikebukuro, Tokyo

Soup contains Nagoya Cochin, Iwate Iwai, Tottori Daisen and Mitsuse free-range chickens, along with Rausu kombu. A second stock of shellfish uses wild asari, shijimi clams and scallops. Noodles are by Taisei Shokuhin. Three types of chashu include charcoal-grilled pork loin, chicken breast and duck breast. Other toppings feature wontons (with minced Iwate duck), ajitama, menma, Kujo negi and nori. All ingredients... More

on 22 Jun 2018

This kakigori is giving me life after a sweltering walk.

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Japan, 〒171-8569 Tōkyō-to, Toshima City, Minamiikebukuro, 1-chōme−28−1 西武池袋本店 8F


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+81 3-6914-2337