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Ichiban Ichiban (一番いちばん) Tokyo


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Ramen, Tsukemen

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on 14 Apr 2024

白河手打中華そば 一番いちばん (Ichiban Ichiban in Machida, Tokyo)

Ichiban Ichiban is a world-famous ramen shop in Tokyo known for its Shirakawa-style shoyu ramen with beautiful hand-pulled noodles. The bowl features tender, fatty chashu with hand-pressed noodles and brown soup and yellow chicken oil. The noodles are made from Hokkaido wheat dough, kneaded with a bamboo pole to activate gluten and flatten. The shop's name comes from a Chinese restaurant in Setagaya called Ichiban,... More

on 11 Sep 2021

Great noodles at Ichibanichiban in Machida.

These posts are all mega old. My blog is around 10 months backdated and Instagram a few months past that. Am I doing social media wrong? #instafood #blessed #ramen #ラーメン

9 / 10
on 26 Jun 2020

Recommended bowl: Neighborhood shop

This shop was previously located in Umegaoka, but moved to Machida in 2008. Homemade aodake teuchi noodles, prepared with a bamboo shaft in the old style. Ramen, tsukemen, mazesoba, and housemade wontons. Chicken and pork-based chintan soup. Pork and chicken chashu. A shop with a strong following, especially amongst ramen heads.

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Japan, 〒194-0021 Tokyo, Machida, Nakamachi, 1-chōme−28−24 大成ビル 1階


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