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Jukuseizushi Yorozu Tokyo


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on 22 Nov 2023

Simple. Shirayama-san's tamago is the only custard-style tamago I've seen outside of Kanesaka-style sushiya (and of course the crème brulée version popularized by @hiro.sato.sushi). The big difference here is that there is actually shrimp flavor in it, but it remains just as bouncy. 😋

on 19 Nov 2023

I guess you could claim, that in the tiny Instagram food snob bubble, heavily aged kajiki is famous for being an invention of @sushikimurakoji and anybody else who does it is an imitator. The fact that Shirayama-san is serving it must undoubtedly be related to its popularity.
This piece was aged 65 days. Just step back and think about that. More than two months, longer than most butchers are willing to age steaks for fear that they will spoil. This has the texture and scent of any other... More

on 14 Nov 2023

Tsumami at Yorozu included hotaru ika aged over a week in its own guts, 17-day aged mirugai (🤯), sawara aged in sake-kasu for more than 3 weeks, and aori ika that had been rested in salt and ginger. The textures were incredibly soft, but there were no "off" or "funky" flavors.
Heck, even the slice of young potato had been aged over a few weeks so that it was pleasantly crunchy and soft, like a prototype salt-and-vinegar potato chip.

on 07 Nov 2023

Maguro at Yorozu was not aged heavily, perhaps a reflection of Shirayama-san's personal tastes, or simply because that was the best flavor for this particular fish. It was served early in the meal while the shari was still almost hot and the vinegar flavor was strongest. Some sushiya get hype for that maguro/hot-sour shari pairing so good to know that is the style here.
Note the "flared" cut on the chutoro (left picture). This is a high-skill cut (also referred to as "double slicing") that is favored... More

on 01 Jan 2021

Yorozu 熟成鮨万 4th visit — delicious as always. Love the intense flavor and firm texture of the akazu shari. And congrats on the Michelin Star! •

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Japan, 〒150-0011 Tōkyō-to, Shibuya City, Higashi, 4-chōme−6−5 ヴァビル 301


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+81 3-6712-6744