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Toshiyuki Suzuki



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on 05 Feb 2024

Tabelog 4.31🥈⁣

Sonoji was established by Chef Suzuki in 2000 in a city called Shimada [島田] in the Shizuoka Perfecture. It used to be a casual tempura and soba eatery which offers a la carte. In 2016, Sonoji was relocated to Tokyo as chef has accumulated enough wealth to step up his game. Chef Suzuki picked Ningjocho [人形町] because it’s believed to be the origin of tempura soba. ⁣

The new location does not stop Chef Suzuki from sourcing his seafood and vegetables in Shizuoka.... More

on 08 Jun 2022

Sonoji 蕎ノ字 in early summer, those cute little fish were tasty! This place is just magical, perfectly satisfied every single time (maybe a bit too much sake), hands down one of the best tempura restaurants in Tokyo. •

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on 13 Dec 2021

Nihonbashi Sonoji 日本橋蕎ノ字 3rd visit — lunches here are always special, thanks to both the quality of food and the amount of sake consumed. One of the top 3 tempura restaurants in Tokyo. •

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on 08 Jul 2021

Sonoji 日本橋蕎ノ字 2nd visit — consistent and solid food quality, probably one of my top 3 tempura restaurants in Tokyo. Highlights this time were shrimp head (crispy outside with juicy flavorful guts inside), eggplant (tasted amazing raw, so sweet that it’s more like a fruit than a vegetable) and sweet corn (crunchy and refreshing). The texture of the soba was perfect, though it was quite a lot of food (and sake) for lunch. •

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on 23 Mar 2021

Nihonbashi Sonoji 日本橋蕎ノ字 1st visit — a tempura restaurant also famous for its soba. Chef Suzuki san is from Shizuoka so he features ingredients and sake from his hometown. Very high quality tempura, perfect texture and full of flavors. Loved the tender and smoky venison tempura and the seasonal takenoko tempura. Soba was freshly made every day, al dente texture and pure buckwheat flavor. Overall an amazing meal. •

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2 Chome-22-11 Nihonbashiningyōchō, Chūō-ku, Tōkyō-to 103-0013, Japan


Open hours


+81 3 5643 1566