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on 02 Jun 2021

Fukamachi 深町 2nd visit — favorite this time was the awabi tempura served with its liver sauce. The surface of the awabi was slightly cut open so the texture was more tender and flavor more intense. Kisu and Uni were slightly overcooked but overall the quality was quite consistent. •

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on 19 Apr 2021

Tempura Fukamachi てんぷら深町 1st visit — really enjoyed the casual atmosphere here. The father & son duo (the son being the main chef) work seamlessly together while the ladies provide warm hospitality. The style of the tempura is quite classic, consistent quality with balanced flavors and texture. Highlights were awabi with liver sauce, baby ayu and bamboo shoot. •

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on 13 Apr 2019

One cuisine we always eat while in Japan is tempura. A great lunch spot is 1* Fukamachi (てんぷら 深町). Chef Fukamachi has been making tempura professionally for 35 years before opening his own restaurant in 2002. Everything is presented openly to customers directly at the counter. The fresh ingredients are delicately fried one by one; the oil and tempura batter are blended by the Chef himself from an original recipe. ?
Fukamachi (てんぷら 深町), Tokyo (Dec 2017)
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on 18 Apr 2018

Some of my favorite tempura last night at Fukamachi. Highly recommended.

7 / 10
on 08 Apr 2018

Popular tempura restaurant with *.

Recommended in Tokyo


2 Chome-5-2 Kyōbashi, 中央区 Chūō-ku, Tōkyō-to 104-0031, Japan


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+81 3-5250-8777