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on 23 Feb 2024

Part two of L‘Arpège.
Lobster with vin jaune and lobster bisque.
Jerusalem artichoke macaron with melted chocolate.
Gianduja soufflé.
Great line-up with a particularly outstanding Saint Aubin by Jean-Claude Ramonet.

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on 22 Feb 2024

Part one of a recent meal at L‘Arpège in Paris.

Hot and warm egg with maple syrup.
„Purple emotions“ with beetroot tartare and mustard cream.
Onion gratin with confit lemon, Malaysian pepper and green leaves.
Vegetable sushi with Kalamata olive.
Pumpkin and Squash velouté with rosemary infused cream.
Pigeon with nuts, beets and an intense pigeon sauce.

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on 17 Nov 2022

I do try and keep things positive on my Instagram and leave any negative reviews only on my Facebook page, but this meal really wound me up.
“Dinner in November last year at ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Arpège……why did I feel like I had just had my pants pulled down? 😡
To give a little context for the uninitiated, this is a world famous three star restaurant where the menu pictured costs €440 before you even think about ordering a glass of water. The standard of cooking, ingredients and service... More

on 27 Jun 2022

🇫🇷 a visit to the iconic Arpege ⭐️⭐️⭐️🍀 by @alain_passard

on 15 Apr 2022

“There is a place up there called heaven.
There is a place on earth called Arpège.
And Arpège is my heaven on earth.”

That was what I wrote in my last post of #littlemeg_larpege before covid. But the exact feeling came back to me after 2 visits after two years. It feels so familiar but at the same time details have been changed. Even the plates with Alain’s drawings have added new varieties, and bread had changed shape to baguette form ❤️... More

on 07 Dec 2021

Restaurant Arpege 1st visit — it’s been on my list for a long time, finally got to visit and it didn’t disappoint. The restaurant turned vegetarian for a few years, now meat has returned but vegetables are still the focus here. All produce arrive daily from Chef Passard’s own farm, the autumn veggie ravioli and roasted lamb were delicious. The desserts were equally enjoyable as the savory dishes, which was rare for someone who doesn’t have a sweet tooth like me. Highlight was the Vintage... More

on 12 Nov 2021


Amazing Chef and a gentleman.


on 27 Apr 2020

There is a place up there called heaven.
There is a place on earth called Arpège.
And Arpège is my heaven on earth.
Because every time I come here I felt like I just want to stay there forever. I don’t care about making notes on details because my mind is blown away and not functioning and my head only has “this is so good!”, so I gave up writing notes other than the names of the dishes...
The same feeling just occurred to me again while I was posting these old... More

on 18 Oct 2017

Fantastic vegetables and fish

7 / 10
on 13 Feb 2017

Very good meal. Well executed and good products. Service also excellent.

Recommended in Paris


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