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Average rating from 3 meals 6.3 / 10
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Claude Bosi


French, Contemporary French

Foodle Reviews

on 16 Sep 2021

Chocolate dumplings, frozen raspberries, pistachios & whiskey sauce
Tunworth, 28- months old comté, Valençay, Fourme D’Ambert
Tarte Tropézienne
Lunch at @claudebosi1 Oyster Bar. While briefly back in the UK to get my first vaccination jab in May, I tried of course to cram in as much food as possible during my 48 hours in that London.
I happily managed to get a seat outside the Bibendum building to enjoy the amazing crab quiche that me and Michael Price enjoyed so much many... More

7 / 10
on 06 Oct 2018

I had a night off in London – I stayed in Kensington and looking at the Michelin app I realized that there was a two star Michelin restaurant in walking distance from the hotel.
Knowing that there was little or no chance to do a walk in I noted down other restaurants nearby.
Much to my surprise there was a table when I arrived.
And it was quite intimidating when I was seated since I was the only one at the place.
Opting for full menu with wine (only drinking half glasses, since I was there... More

4 / 10
on 21 Apr 2018

I am/was a great fan of Claude Bossi in his old place, Hibiscus. I also always liked to go to Bibendum. So I concluded when I heard that Mr. Bossi is moving to Bibendum, what a great combination.
However, this meal felt way short from my expectations. The dishes were unbalanced and badly calibrated. One dish was too sour (for me the acidity junky) and unappealing.
I do hope that this was a one off, as I really want Mr. Bossi to succeed in his new home.

8 / 10
on 21 Oct 2017

Bibendum was the only restaurant to earn 2 Michelin stars in the 2018 guide and this was also as a direct entry from only opening under the banner of Claude Bosi earlier in 2017 after Mr Bosi packed up his 2 Michelin starred Hibiscus.  Bibendum is the former HQ of Michelin and also the name of the Michelin tyre man serving as the distinctive symbol, who is now proudly set within the ornate, blue and white windows.  The restaurant itself is bright, stylish, as French as they come with its exquisite... More

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Michelin House, 81 Fulham Rd, Chelsea, London SW3 6RD, UK


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+44 20 7581 5817