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Taberna do Calhau Lisbon


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Foodle Reviews

on 05 Jul 2023


Uma versão transmontana do bucho das beiras. Pedaços de tripa dentro de bucho, cozinhado à moda da chanfana.
Na @taberna_do_calhau, produto crafted segundo tradição familiar @miguelsilva9334

Uma delícia 🙏

on 26 Jun 2022

@leopoldogarciacalhau at @taberna_do_calhau, one of my favourite places to eat in Lisbon, and “Endives, onions and cherries”, another one of his dishes where bitterness, sourness and sweetness are perfectly balanced.

on 31 May 2022

Faltam cabeças e miolos.

on 14 Jul 2021

Each table has a story to tell

on 28 Feb 2020

Here’s to all the sweet, ingenious, delicious, “there’s always room for them”, desserts (and the chefs and pastry chefs behind them) “Chèvre and pumpkin” @taberna_do_calhau

on 16 Feb 2020

Oyster and beetroot. Coup de foudre. Valentine’s Day menu @taberna_do_calhau

on 02 Feb 2020

It’s the fucking cozido de grão baby

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Largo das Olarias 23, 1100-376 Lisboa, Portugal


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+351 21 585 1937