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ATTLA Restaurante Lisbon


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Foodle Reviews

on 05 Jun 2021

Spoiler: Underneath the mouthwatering Iberian pork meat and caramelised onion you’ll find a marvelous gremolata of watercress @attlarestaurant

on 19 May 2021

“Langoustine, kumquat, fermented fried potato and carrot”. Velvety, crispy, citrusy, lightly spicy, another favorite @attlarestaurant

on 14 Jan 2021

“Sea bass tartare, dehydrated white kimchi, fig leaf liqueur, kumquat” @attlarestaurant I'm gonna miss this...

on 09 Jan 2021

Orange, orange and orange (Financier of orange zest, caramel of orange kombucha, orange granita)
from @atgomes9 at the Rescue Lunch series @attlarestaurant this week. Sweet and bitter. Loved it.

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R. Gilberto Rola 65, 1350-111 Lisboa, Portugal


Open hours


+351 21 151 0555