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Takahiro Yamagishi


Japanese Cuisine, Kaiseki

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on 11 Jan 2024


Thank you @xperhapsy for the beautiful find and @abieltan for the champagne!

on 19 Mar 2023

Picture No1 was the main attraction: a sea urchin hand roll at the kaiseki style Tominokoji Yamagishi in Kyoto. Very nice omakase meal. (Tabelog silver)

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8 / 10
on 10 Sep 2022

Yamagishi - one of great Kaiseki restaurants in Kyoto.
This time without his famous uni maki, but with a dish of rice, loads of uni and eggplant, very delicious.
His matsutake was found the same day in the morning and had a wonderful fragrant. He used it twice, once with the shiroamadai and the hamo. The shiroamadai was on a bed of Shungiku (spring chrysanthemum) which a slight bitterness to the dish.
The outstanding dish of the evening was the late summer Ayu in shiro miso with a ginkgo mochi.... More

on 28 Dec 2021

Some highlights from a very special collaboration dinner. Two of Kyoto’s most notable chefs, Yamagishi and Yamaguchi, (of their respectively named restaurants) paired up for a mashup of Kyoto’s top ingredients (and a few imports) combining Japanese and western techniques and flavors. Extravagant and luxurious - kuroge wagyu, snow crabs, fugu, uni, shirako, truffle, and caviar. The crab grilled inside the yuzu was a favorite.

Thank you to @youchindayon !

(Repost, fixed the 9/10 photos)... More

9 / 10
on 22 Mar 2020

Chef Takahiro Yamagishi opened up this place in 2015 and reached legend status in a very shot time. Now it is notoriously difficult to book but it is worth the effort.
His food is light, full of surprises, of great flavour and executed perfectly. The ingredients are well sourced and of high quality. One of the benchmarks of any Kaiseki meals is the soup. Yamagishi-san’s dashi is clear and light with an intense fragrance. The rice at the end of the meal comes in three variations and rounds off... More

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560 Honeyanochō, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto, 604-8064, Japan


Open hours


+81 75 708 7865