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Higashiyama Ogata (東山 緒方) Kyoto


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Japanese Cuisine

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on 08 Jan 2024

Although branches of famous restaurants tend to be underwhelming, at Higashiyama Ogata you can enjoy the tranquil elegance, refined cuisine and graceful service that one associates with Kyoto’s renowned 2 star Michelin kaiseki ryori-ya Ogata… without all the hoopla of securing a reservation. 🤓

Our visit coincided with the snow crab season, so we were fortunate to experience the super luxe Taiza-gani course which starts after Nov. 6th each year. 🦀
Full menu and descriptions below: 👇🏻... More

on 08 Jan 2024

間人蟹 🦀
Taiza-gani @[instagram] Higashiyama Ogata. 🍁
In Japan, not all zuwaigani (snow crab) are created equal. The green tags indicate that these beauties are Taiza-gani, the highest grade and most expensive snow crab brand, which are named after the port, Taizo Gyokō, Kyoto, where they are landed. The season starts on November 6th, and only five boats are licensed to catch snow crab under the Taiza brand. As the fishing grounds are close to port, the crabs are delivered live to restaurants... More

6 / 10
on 12 Apr 2023

Off shoot of the famous Ogata, very pricey, very popular, same level as the main store.

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Japan, 〒606-8344 Kyoto, Sakyo Ward, Okazaki Enshōjichō, 91−5 眞松庵 1F


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+81 75-771-0011