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8 / 10
on 20 Jan 2022

Dinner in the Kyoto branch of the Myamasou family restaurant empire. The younger brother of the late daisho at Myamasou is cooking there with his oldest son. The younger one runs an Italian place in Tokyo.
A very classical Kaiseki restaurant, driven by the seasonal ingredients and a a find execution. The flavors are sometimes bold, like the fermented sushi course (funazushi style), but never over the top. The presentation always tells a story and is loaded with symbols. The staff is more than helpful... More

on 01 May 2021

A meal utterly without pretension. Nakahigashi-san (father of the chef from Cusavilla, recently posted), emphasizes the best of nature with a style thats rustic yet refined. He’s also very funny and charming. Be sure to have the natural Japanese wine which pairs beautifully.

on 26 Dec 2020

Kyoto + Kanazawa + Kaga Onsen Autumn Trip

Kyoto: Nakahigashi (part 2)

A meal that’s hard to describe. Nakahigashi-san is a master of using the wild bounty around Kyoto to build elaborate, playful, refined yet comforting food. No luxury ingredients — the first night on the trip I hadn’t eaten a crab (or five).

Despite my embarrassingly bad Japanese, chef was eager to explain about the ingredients and why he chose them.

In a moment of pure Kyoto-ness, we were stopped half way through the... More

on 15 May 2017

Chef Nakahigashi pouring coffee ☕️ and this completes our meal ?
草喰 なかひがし Sojiki Nakahigashi, Kyoto (Dec 2016)

Recommended in Kyoto


32-3 Jōdoji Ishibashichō, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto, 606-8406, Japan


Open hours


+81 (75) 752 3500