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Ming Court Hong Kong


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on 16 Jan 2017

We have been looking forward to our dinner, as we have really wanted to try a traditional Cantonese Michelin starred restaurant. We have opted for a tasting menu with 7-8 different courses. Our entire dinner was bland, served by uninteresed staff. Somehow we felt everything was prepared and presented without care and attention. One of the courses was half a lobster with spring carlic and butter. The lobster was literally buried under garlic, made the entire dish inedible. Left it on the plate, when cleared our table not a single question from the staff. Each course followed the other in a rush, without giving us the chance to breathe in between the different dishes. All this for nearly 600 USD which we wouldn`t have mind paying if it was worth.

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555 Shanghai St, Mong Kok, Hong Kong


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+852 3552 3028