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Scandinavian Cuisine, New Nordic


Thorsten Schmidt

Foodle Reviews

on 03 Oct 2021

Sunday lunch @[instagram] Barr.

Mussels, Oscietra Caviar, pickled mushrooms and sour cream
Free-range pork with chanterelles, lingonberries, summer truffles and Barr’s butter sauce
Sour cream sorbet, sweet herbs and oak leaf oil

And then a tarta de queso (Basque cheesecake) at Hart Brodbar.


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on 08 May 2021

Besides their great signatures you can even have fantastic smørrebrød in Barr!
And for me it was also a very nostalgic emotional moment to walk in the former space of Noma, so many great memories! And there is obviously a twist! 🔩
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on 15 Mar 2021

Another restaurant that I'm really looking forward to revisit is @barrcph, which offers the perfect balance between a casual ambience and top-notch cooking on a very high level - this skate wing with saison beer beurre blanc and pumpkim seeds is just one of many exceptional dishes by @thorsten_j_schmidt and his team

on 11 Jan 2021

The last stop of the Copenhagen leg of my restaurant tour before Christmas was a lovely (as always) lunch at @barrcph Barr with some old and new foodie friends and of course I had to drag @ericvildgaard and @ed_lee87 out to pick their brains some more about the incredible meal at Jordnær the night before. I love and already miss Copenhagen. One of my favourite food cities on the planet and can’t wait to go back in better times. See you all soon I hope @monaway... More

6 / 10
on 22 Aug 2020

Barr resides in NOMAs old rooms in Copenhagen.
Barr is, as implied in the name, more of a barr than a restaurant. Extensive been and alcohol menu, and some wine as well. But being in the Noma family, it of course have a lot more to offer then just beers and drinks.
The food is comfort food and beer food. And really good at it. There is a beer sommelier who actually did a pretty decent job at it, I am primarily a beer lover, so I was curious to see what he would match the meal with. It turned out... More

8 / 10
on 23 Feb 2020

Constantly good, deja-vu feeling for Noma and a really cozy place with great value dining.

on 24 Oct 2019

Schnitzel Wiener Art: Free-range pork, horseradish and anchovies

Hot Smoked Salmon: Potato rosti with leek and pickled asparagus. Skyr with white currants and dill

Chicken: From Grasten, with wild watercress and jus gras

Bonemarrow: Grilled with thyme and beer-vinegar

Sweet Cake: Sunflower seeds, white chocolate and black currants
Barr, Copenhagen (Oct 2019)
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on 23 Oct 2019

I count @barrcph as one of the best restaurants in Copenhagen. The atmosphere is very lively, almost like a bierstube with good taste. The staff contributes to that "Stimmung" with a relaxed and friendly yet super professional service. Finally, the food is just wonderful in any sense. It is original, elaborated and super delicious. This schnitzel exemplifies is perfectly. The pork is cooked to perfection in brown butter and served with more brown butter, capers, lemon and a generous amount... More

on 15 Oct 2019

This mariebolle - or choux au craquelin - filled with whipped cream served @barrcph might be relatively simple to make (I know it's not) but it is still one of the most delicious things I've eaten in a while. The combination of the moist choux, the crunchy crust and the airy whipped cream is simply magical and I recommend everybody to drop by and try it! It's served with sea buckthorn ice cream with pickled sea buckthorn on top.
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on 05 Dec 2018

@barrcph is to me more or less the perfect restaurant. The ambience is relaxed yet super professional thanks to the knowledgeable staff and the food is as detailed, complex and delicious as at any fine dining restaurant. On top of that, you can go all in with a multi-course meal or just drop by for a schnitzel and a glass of beer like I did a few days ago. Few restaurants on this level offer the same flexibility as Barr does and I highly recommend it to everything from students with a... More

3 / 10
on 08 Oct 2018

The casual place of the Noma group, a food which does not get announced by simply served. Food which should instil comfort and not challenge you.
Not really my thing, the Jägerschnitzel is bodily harm for an Austrian like me.

on 10 Jun 2018

Schnitzel Wiener Art: Dry aged free range pork, peas, horseradish, and anchovies
Restaurant Barr, Copenhagen (July 2017)
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on 26 Mar 2018

The most wonderful cod tail served at @barrcph. The tail is tied and cooked at high temperatures while being constantly glazed with "barrmite" for extra umami. It's served with a rich mussel sauce and seasonal condiments. The tail comes on a slice of sourdough bread soaking up all the nice juices and sauce. So good! .
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9 / 10
on 21 Feb 2018

Best “danish” traditional cuisine I have ever tried. Great atmosphere.

8 / 10
on 24 Jun 2016
8 / 10
on 20 May 2016

There has been a huge amount written about Noma and finally I was lucky enough to gain a seat within, from my inclusion on the Opinionated About Dining list. It was interesting to speak to others present that had been to Noma once, in some cases twice before to learn of its changes. Overall, the feedback was that the previous years seem to have been when Noma’s genuine blossom period for cooking has been. The one consistency that seems to be apparent is the inherent love that head chef René... More

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Strandgade 93, 1401 København, Denmark


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+45 3296 3293