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Average rating from 3 meals 7.7 / 10
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Søren Selin


Modern Cuisine, New Nordic

Foodle Reviews

9 / 10
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on 29 Aug 2020

AOC is the "forgotten" 2 star michelin restaurant in Copenhagen.

The others are run by famous and charismatic chefs or have a very distinct kitchen(Noma, Kadeau, Jordnær and Alchemist).

Placed in Moltkes Palæ - a 17th century basement close to Kongens Nytorv. This place is a classic fine dinning restaurant. In the sense that there is white tablecloths and the waiters are immaculate dressed and articulated. The winecard and parring has no spontaneous tastes or modern etiquettes.

The food is... More

8 / 10
on 12 Sep 2018

It seems that AOC is living in the shadow of the famous restaurants in Copenhagen. It does not have to do so, because it can easily stand out amongst the great places of this city.

It is Nordic with a French twist but every dish is carefully thought out and perfectly executed. I loved the flavour combinations and plating.

Excellent place one definitely should go to when in town.

6 / 10
on 03 Jun 2015

This was the first time we eat at AOC. Unfortunate it was one of these offers, where you buy a voucher cheap and get a watered-down version of the restaurant set-menu. Back in 2015, for me, the chance to eat a two-star Michelin star restaurant for small money was just a chance I didn’t wanted to miss. I wish I did. It was only three course deal, and while it was good, it was not great – it made me question what made AOC a two star Michelin restaurant. We ate at (now closed) Grønbech & Chrurchill... More

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Dronningens Tværgade 2, 1302 København, Denmark


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+45 33 11 11 45