Dinner at AOC

Dinner at AOC

at AOC on 29 August 2020
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AOC is the "forgotten" 2 star michelin restaurant in Copenhagen.

The others are run by famous and charismatic chefs or have a very distinct kitchen(Noma, Kadeau, Jordnær and Alchemist).

Placed in Moltkes Palæ - a 17th century basement close to Kongens Nytorv. This place is a classic fine dinning restaurant. In the sense that there is white tablecloths and the waiters are immaculate dressed and articulated. The winecard and parring has no spontaneous tastes or modern etiquettes.

The food is extremely well-produced and beautiful presented. Modern and focused on good produce.
The Wine was pleasant and I very nice supplement to the meal. I have nothing bad to say about it (and it was nice to have a meal without a tart taste following the whole experince for once)

Very much in line with the times, it was local crops, fish and seashell that dominated the menu.

I have never tasted langoustine better and well prepared, perfection. It was presented almost provokingly simple, but it stood alone perfectly.

If I was anywhere else then Copenhagen this would be the best resturant I have tried in the city and one of the best meals I have ever had.
The level is just so high here that this was a solid third place of all the meals I have ever had (after Kadeau and Jordnær - the latter who I imagine will land on the third star within a few years)

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9 / 10