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Rafa Zafra


Mediterranean Cuisine, Modern Seafood

Foodle Reviews

on 29 Oct 2021

Entre produtos incríveis e cocções perfeitas de peixes e mariscos, no @estimarzafra terminamos com chave de ouro, num capítulo que raramente é tratado como deveria, as sobremesas.

@franciscozafra_ , irmão de @rafazafra_ assume os lemes da pastelaria à semelhança de outras famílias gastronómicas como os Adrià ou os Roca. Pelas suas mãos passam algumas das mais interessantes sobremesas dos últimos tempos, desenha das para saborear e partilhar à mesa.

Na... More

7 / 10
on 27 Oct 2021

Small restaurant with perfect fish and seafood, fine taste, reasonable wine-list. But seldom eaten so little for so much money …

on 04 Feb 2020

Last post about Estimar I promise (for now anyway 😐). Monkfish, sea anemones and of course don’t forget desserts of flan and cheesecake 😍

My next stop in Barcelona was to one of (if not the) best seafood restaurant in the city, @estimarzafra Estimar. And I have to express my gratitude to @the.hungry.tourist for first introducing me to this incredible restaurant 3 years ago. Here, @rafazafra_ brings in the very best of the day’s catch, lays it out in front... More

9 / 10
on 18 May 2019

Little sea food restaurant run by the former El Bulli chef Rafa Zafra and his wife Ana Gotanegra in the gothic district of Barcelona. The restaurant is in a small street very close to the Santa Maria del Mar church, very hard to find it without local knowledge or GPS. The dining room is a small space with rustic interior and an impressive fish display in front of the open kitchen.
On the menu they only offer fresh, properly cooked seafood dishes without any unnecessary frills just high quality... More

on 05 Feb 2018

Best cheesecake ever! Creamy, melty goodness in the center ?
Estimar, Barcelona (June 2017)
#estimar #barcelona #spain

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Carrer de Sant Antoni dels Sombrerers, 3, 08003 Barcelona, Spain


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+34 9 3268 9197