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Innovative, Peruvian


Santiago Fernandez

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on 24 Mar 2024

@maz.tokyo 🌟🌟 beverage program 💯

on 06 Feb 2024

First time back at @maz.tokyo since they were promoted to 2 Michelin stars! An offshoot of World’s Best Restaurant @centralrest in Lima, the tasting menu is an exploration of Peru’s biodiversity through 9 different altitudes. What sets MAZ apart from Central is that only 20% of ingredients are from Peru while the rest is sourced in Japan - resulting in truly unique dishes. Bold and exciting complete with an interesting wine pairing, the meal was both a feast for the eyes... More

on 31 Jan 2024

MAZ | Part II: Our culinary journey continued from extreme altitude to the deepest Amazon. 🇵🇪🌎🌽🍫🙌🏻

Corn・Dry Aged Beef・Huacatay 🌽
Corn puree, purple corn crisp, egg yolk string, smoked, dry-aged Yamagata-raised beef with half charred... More

on 29 Jan 2024

MAZ | Part I: Every meal I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying at MAZ has been absolutely delicious, and staff have generously provided both warm hospitality as well as their encyclopedic knowledge of the diverse biomes and produce of Peru🌎🇵🇪👏🏻.

◇アチオテオイルを合わせた白エビの下に球体のスビルリナ 中にはイカスミのペースト 🦐
Spheres of green spirulina... More

on 11 Dec 2023

📍Maz📍マス🏆Tabelog 3.85🏆Michelin⭐️⭐️

Congratulations @santiago.maztokyo on your ⭐️⭐️! What a beautiful course and journey!

on 05 Dec 2023

@maz.tokyo ~ The only new 🌟🌟 @michelinguide in Tokyo, possibly the most competitive food city in the whole world 🌍 ~ what a joy that brings these news. A team led by the extraordinary @santiago.maztokyo and dreamed up by @virgiliocentral @pialeonkjolle @malenamater @diogovazmiranda @mater.in and many more. 👏 (Pictures from January menu)

on 17 Nov 2023

It’s been a joy to watch @maz.tokyo go from strength to strength in such a short time. Led by @santiago.maztokyo, the team’s dedication comes through in every detail. All of this is complemented by the excellent beverage selection: some brilliant wines from South America, along with enticing elixirs made with @mater.in spirits. This time, I especially loved the pisco and shine muscat kombucha and the Amazonian Bees Knees. So clever.

From my write-up of Maz... More

on 16 Nov 2023

For this very special dinner at @maz.tokyo, @virgiliocentral came to town to give us a sneak peek at some of the work the Central family has been doing to push the emerging Amazonian rainforest-to-table movement forward in Peru.

@centralrest has always taken a macro view of the Peruvian kitchen, exploring the cuisine through the lens of topography. With this new menu, however, Virgilio zooms in on the Amazon and invites diners to “listen” to the region along... More

on 12 Nov 2022

Maz 1st visit — new Tokyo project by restaurant Central in Peru, showcasing local ingredients from land to sea across different altitudes and landscapes. Authentic presentation with a touch of rusticity, bold flavors, portions are quite big. A more remote location instead of inside a city center modern building would have made the experience more memorable. •

#foodgasm #yum #eat #foodpic #foodpics #foodphotography... More

on 15 Jul 2022

Very excited to welcome @virgiliocentral’s @maz.tokyo to Tokyo. Creative cooking and unfamiliar (to me) ingredients presented beautifully. Really looking forward to trying again soon. @santiago.maztokyo and team are ones to watch.

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Japan, 〒102-0094 Tokyo, Chiyoda City, Kioichō, 1−1−3 東京ガーデンテラス 3F


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+81 3-6272-8513