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Sumiyaki Unagi Shun (瞬) Shizuoka


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Kenichi Okada


Donburi (Rice bowl)

Foodle Reviews

on 25 Jul 2022

Sumiyaki Unagi Shun 炭焼き鰻 瞬 1st visit — 4 hours round trip for a unagi lunch but it’s well worth it. The live was well balance between its bitter kick and the sweet sauce, the egg roll was soft and fluffy, and the texture and flavor of the unagi was the best I’ve had, with just the right amount of sauce which enhances but doesn’t overpower the flavor. Unagi at its best for sure. •

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on 08 Dec 2021

Unagi at the highest level. Round 2. Just as good as the last visit with the autumn eels in spawning season. Different taste and texture to the early summer one.. I felt there was more bitterness, especially in the livers. Damn, damn good though.
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on 13 Oct 2021

炭焼き鰻 瞬
How good can unagi get? I haven't quite tried all the unagi places out there but I'm pretty sure this place serves pretty much just that. Grilled to perfection with a nice amount of fattiness, incredible flavour and beautiful texture. The sauce is applied several times during the grilling process and is not too sweet.. just right for me. Let's not forget those yummy eels guts or the absolutely perfect building which houses this restaurant. Surreal.
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8 / 10
on 23 Aug 2020

It is a hike from the station in Shizuoka to get to Shun. But it is worth the effort as the location they moved to in 2018 is a beautiful old house renovated for the purpose of being now a restaurant.
Chef Kenichi Okada started working in a unagi restaurant right after school and spent 16 years as an apprentice before opening up his own restaurant.
The Unagi is sourced from Lake Hamana, specifically selected to the best weight and the rice comes from the Shimane prefecture.
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22-260-1 Arinaga, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka, 420-0965, Japan


Open hours


+81 54-294-7178