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Tobo Tobo Tei Tokyo


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on 19 May 2024

雲呑麺 / Wontonmen / Tobotobotei — Yotsuya, Tokyo

Light tonkotsu soup uses mostly pork bones but also contains chicken, beef bones and onions. Thin straight round noodles are made by Yoshida Shokunin. Topped with pork belly chashu, housemade pork wontons, menma and green negi.

Run by the daughter of the owner of Kōya, another ramen shop in Yotsuya that serves a similar menu. The father of the master of Kōya was the first member of the family to be in the ramen business, opening a street... More

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Japan, 〒160-0008 Tokyo, Shinjuku City, Yotsuyasaneichō, 6丁目6−32 鈴木ビル


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+81 3-5269-7717