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Subin (東京肉しゃぶ家 秀彬) Tokyo


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Shabu shabu (Japanese hotpot), Sukiyaki, Beef cutlet

Foodle Reviews

on 06 Mar 2024

New Ginza location of the top ranked shabu shabu restaurant in Tokyo @tokyo_nikushabuya_subin , a meal loaded with luxurious ingredients. Satisfying.•

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on 13 Feb 2024

Crazzzy Melt in your mouth Tajimaguro Wagyu Shabu shabu beef with a broth made by soaking kombu seaweed for 18 hours in fresh alkaline water from the Shirakami Mountains. Served with a citrus ponzu sauce thats been aged for 2-3 months, and my personal favorite...the creamiest sesame sauce made with bonito stock.

-Absolute favorite ‘Ojiya’ Egg Rice Porridge for any rice lover.

-Refreshing thin somen noodles in a fragrant broth, then topped with thin slices of sudachi citrus.

- Coffee Jelly... More

on 13 Feb 2024

Top Shabu Shabu/Sukiyaki restaurant Nikushabuya Subin newly opened in Ginza and specializes in the ultra-rare Tajimaguro breed of top-ranked Kobe beef that melts at around 12 degrees (similar to Tuna), hence Tajimaguro. Run the super friendly @chungsinko

Thanks so much for the epic lunch @abbanapa and @eantonino!

-Awesome signature oxtail soup made by simmering oxtail and bones for 4 hours.

-Steak tartare is made from different parts of Tajimaguro served... More

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Japan, 〒104-0061 Tokyo, Chuo City, Ginza, 8-chōme−6−20 銀座八番館 B1


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+81 3-5568-2929