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Marucho Ramen shop Tokyo


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on 15 May 2022

ラーメン + ぎょうざ + チャーハン / Ramen + Gyoza + Chahan / Marushin Chūka Soba - Kunitachi, Tokyo

Old school shoyu ramen, soup consisting mostly of chicken carcasses and niboshi. The master trained at the legendary Marushin in Ogikubo, which was opened in 1950 by one of the five original masters of Maruchō in Ogikubo. Marushin at one point had nine different norenwake shops, most of them have now closed. Family-run, 21 total seats. Open since 1965.

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Japan, 〒167-0051 Tokyo, Suginami City, Ogikubo, 4-chōme−31−12 丸長中華そば


Permanently Closed


+81 3-3391-7518