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on 08 Apr 2019

Back at one of our favorite spots in Tokyo, Bar Gen Yamamoto. There are just 8 counter seats and it is run by the owner and sole bartender. The 7-drink cocktail tasting reflects "shiki" (Japanese seasonality), using fresh ingredients while building on a progression of flavors and harmony.
Bar Gen Yamamoto, Tokyo (Dec 2017)
#genyamamoto #visittokyo #bargenyamamoto

on 15 Apr 2018

Barley shochu kakigori
Bar Gen Yamamoto, Tokyo (July 2017)

on 18 Jan 2018

@bar_gen_yamamoto does it again. Another brilliant round of seasonal drinks. My favorite was muddled Fuji apple, fresh wasabi, and rye whisky. Chestnut and cognac was also really, really good.

on 18 Sep 2017

Always a pleasure to see @bar_gen_yamamoto do his thing. A drinkable snapshot of the season.

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Japan, 〒106-0045 Tōkyō-to, 1F, Azabujūban, 1 Chome−6−4 アニバーサリービル


+81 3-6434-0652