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Denny's Tokyo


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on 23 Jun 2023

特製醤油蕎麦 / Tokusei Shoyu Soba / Chūka Soba Kifu — Ōtsuka, Tokyo

Tanrei soup uses chicken, pork, kombu and vegetables. Five types of shoyu are in the tare. Choice of thin or thick noodles supplied by Kanno Seimenjo. Topped with Ajitama, low-temperature cooked chicken chashu, pork shoulder roast chashu, menma, mustard greens, negi and wontons.

Chūka Soba Kifu is a new brand by the well known shop Ramen Waizu in Kanda. Located in the space previously operated by Hope-ken Honpo.... More

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Japan, 〒170-0004 Tokyo, Toshima City, Kitaōtsuka, 1-chōme−16−5 パークアクシス大塚ステーションゲートタワー 3階


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+81 80-3457-5816