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新橋 中華 居酒屋 Blood moon (ブラッドムーン) Tokyo


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on 18 Apr 2024

担々麺 / Tantanmen / Blood Moon — Shimbashi, Tokyo

The soup uses a broth made from chicken and various dried ingredients like freshwater clams, Hokkaido kombu and shiitake mushrooms. Combined with homemade sesame paste, chili oil (containing four kinds of peppers) and cashew nuts. Low hydration whole grain noodles are made by Kanno Seimen. The niku-miso topping uses coarsely ground domestic pork seasoned with Chinese soy sauce and several spices. Also topped with green vegetables, negi and... More

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Japan, 〒105-0004 Tokyo, Minato City, Shinbashi, 1-chōme−17−17 6ASK新橋 2階


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+81 3-6205-7202